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What is Student or Study Visa?

Study and student visa is a perfect way to enter another country because with the student and study visa anyone can live and work in another country but study visa allows you for a specific period of time, After completing graduation or post graduation you have to apply for renewal of your visa limit but in the education timing period you can find and start your part-time job. Study visa works for you like a non-immigrant visa, if you have student visa then don no require obtain to citizenship. The student visa allows those people who want to start or continue graduation, post-graduation or diploma in another country with educational institutions.

Types of Student Visa:

If you are planning to study in abroad and another country then you have to apply for student visa, here XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION is providing a short guide about student and study visa types.

XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION is describing here about study visa types according to US study visa policies. According to us study visa, you can apply for three types of a non-immigrant student visa.

  1. F Visa
  2. M Visa
  3. J Visa

F Visa: This type of student visa is for an international student who wants to pursue an academic degree and graduation or post graduation from an accredited college or university.

M VISA: This is the second category of student visa and this visa for an international student who intends to pursue or want to engage in non-academic or vocational study or training from an institution. M VISA allows only for non-academic or vocational studies.

J Visa: J Visa is the third type of student visa and this visa allow for participating in educational programs. With the J visa students can stay for a short period of time, basically, this J visa allows students for training or internship and J visa helps you to stay for one or two semesters only.

Why Study In Australia?:

Australian student visa

The study in Australia is an amazing way to get a unique Aussie lifestyle and new Australian educational skills. Australia has world class top educational universities, institutions and vocational colleges with the best English languages skills to support international students.

You can apply for Australian student visa according to three categories or education stream:

  1. English Courses
  2. Vocational Courses
  3. University Courses

XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION has a strong and trustworthy relationship with over 100 Australian colleges and universities, with XIPHIAS Immigration you can find and get perfect study strategies which can be good for your Australian study goals.

Why Study In Canada?:

Canada Student Visa

Canada is one of the best and most popular destinations for international students seeking top-quality education. If you are applying for Canada Student Visa then you need to apply before entering the Canada country.

In some cases, you do not require to apply for study or student permit to go to school in Canada:

  1. If your course or educational program is for 4 or 5 months only.
  2. If you are a family member and comes from a staff of a foreign representative to Canada.
  3. If you are a member of a foreign armed force.

With this student visa, the one main thing or advantage is student may be able to work in Canada during the course of study. To apply for this Canada Student Visa few requirements should be fulfilled. XIPHIAS Immigration consultant may assist you to know about that requirements and eligibility.

Why Study in New Zealand?:

Study Abroad New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand will give you an unbeatable or first class academic education combined with the practical. You can learn high-class territory education throughout the country. To find out how to apply for Study Abroad New Zealand, talk to our best consultants. If you start your study in New Zealand then without any doubts you will find so many advantages like.

  • Reputable study abroad program & universities
  • Friendly locals aka kiwis
  • Exceptional cuisine
  • Deep-rooted history & culture
  • Stunning landscape
  • Awe-inspiring advantage opportunities
  • You can study in New Zealand for free.

Why Study in Germany?:

Germany Study Visa Consultants

Germany is an ideal country to start an education. Every year thousands of international students decide to begin or continue study in Germany from German universities. German universities offer you best international degree program with excellent quality of education and with lower tuition fees.  German universities ranked among in the world. German education or study system is well focusing compare to other country education system, in Germany over the 400 higher institutions and universities offers graduate and postgraduate education program for international students according to their study goals.

To get these kinds of educational advantages you need to apply for Germany Study Visa through XIPHIAS Germany Study Visa Consultants.


Apply for US EB-5 Green Card Visa by Investment or Business with XIPHIAS Immigration

What is an EB-5 Green Card Visa?

The EB-5 Green Card visa gives a strategy for getting a green card for outside nationals who put resources into another business undertaking in the United States. The EB-5 program manages remote nationals and their life partners and unmarried kids under age 21 the capacity to acquire the U.S.

The EB-5 Green Card or Business Visa USA is the fifth work-based visa proposed to support the stream of US capital Economy and to advance work for US Citizens.

To achieve the above objectives the outside financial specialists may acquire movement advantages to make a speculation. This program orders a base capital that remote financial specialists must contribute and in addition orders of 10, all day occupations must be made by virtue of every speculation.

Notwithstanding the arrival the speculators can accomplish, outside financial specialists and their qualifying relatives are offered the prospect, however, the legal changeless home in the United States isn’t ensured.

Basic Requirements for an EB-5 VISA

EB-5 Green Card

Here XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION providing you three basic requirements, Foreign financial specialists must meet particular United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) necessities to get their perpetual residency through the EB-5 visa program. By and large, the speculator must meet capital venture sum prerequisites, work creation necessities, and guarantee that the business getting the venture fits the bill for the EB-5 program. EB-5 visa or Entrepreneur Visa USA candidates, their life partner, and their children under 21 will get their permanent residency green card once the sum total of what prerequisites have been effectively met and affirmed by the USCIS.

  1. The Investor must set up a business or put resources into a current business that was at that point made or rebuilt since November 19, 1990.
  2. The Investor probably contributed USD $1,000,000 (just USD $500,000 while putting resources into a USCIS assigned territorial focus) in business.
  3. It is commanded that the business must make all day work for something like 10 US specialists.

EB-5 Green Card or USA Business Visa Benefits for the Foreign Investor:

  • One of the quickest techniques to get permanent residency in the United States for the financial specialist, his/her companion, and unmarried kids under 21 years old
  • Opportunity to live and work anyplace in the U.S., without limitation incorporating into states, for example, Florida or Texas with no state wage charge
  • Education advantages, for example, access to open basic, center, and secondary school schools and lower cost in-state educational cost at open universities and colleges
  • No visa support requirements
  • No H-1B work visa required for business
  • An investment must be “in danger” yet can be anchored by insurance in a land undertaking to limit drawback chance – EB5 AN centers around activities with auxiliary drawback security
  • In case of a political change/noteworthy occasion in the financial specialist’s nation of origin, he/she and family can instantly pick up a passage to the U.S. immediately
  • The potential for U.S. Citizenship after least 5 years of set up lasting residency in the U.S.

Canada Visa Express Entry Requirements

Canada Express Entry Visa Program 2015 – Does anybody searching for Immigrate to Canada? This is uplifting news for who are sitting tight for Canada Immigration: The Government of Canada has formally taken off Express Entry System in January 2015 to facilitate the migration approaches to pull in the vagrant networks; it is an electronic framework through which movement experts can oversee applications for Permanent Residence the monetary movement programs. It goes under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Canada Express Entry Visa – think about Canada’s Express Entry movement choice process for potential Canadian migration applicants and for Canadian employers intrigued by contracting universally.

Express Entry Canada Requirements or Eligibility

canada visa express entry

Express Entry Canada Requirements is resolved to utilize a novel point-based framework called the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The Canada Express Entry CRS is intended to recognize potential settlers that are probably going to succeed monetarily once living in Canada. To do as such successfully, the Express Entry CRS grants focus for elements that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have found to correspond emphatically with future monetary accomplishment for new foreigners to Canada. These Canadian Express Entry qualification factors incorporate age, level of instruction, French or English dialect capability, and also past work involvement in Canada.

Any individual who meets the prerequisites of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades Program is qualified to make an Express Entry profile. There is no base score for Canada Express Entry qualification. Just planned settlers with enough Express Entry focuses will be welcome to apply for Canadian changeless residency, be that as it may. To help decide your Express Entry qualification score, XIPHIAS Immigration will give the point by point Comprehensive Ranking System recipe. When you have figured what number of Express Entry focuses you are qualified for, you can contrast this number with the base CRS focuses required from the most recent Canada Express Entry Draw. On the off chance that your Express Entry CRS focuses score is close or over the base required focuses on the most recent draw, you are likely an exceptionally aggressive hopeful. In the event that your Express Entry score is essentially underneath the base cutoff score from past draws, in any case, your odds of accepting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for perpetual residency in Canada might be feeble.

Settlers who are occupied with moving to Canada need to finish the profile through Express Entry System, it is the initial step that the migrants need to finish for the enrolment and it tends to be performed whenever. There are no constraints on the number of candidates that will be acknowledged to the Express Entry pool. Candidates who are chosen under the Express Entry pool will get a welcome choice to apply for the Permanent Residence, numerous rounds of welcome offers will be sent consistently through the span of every year. The foreigner specialists will just choose the best positioning competitors, it plainly demonstrates the applicants with required abilities is on the best rundown the administration regardless of when they were chosen under the express section pool.

CYPRUS – an island full of life!

Cyprus is a modern country that enjoys a strategic geographical position. Situated on the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia, it provides unrivaled access and travel opportunities through it’s busy and well-connected shipping and air routes which link the three continents.

A rich heritage, beautiful beaches, fresh air, a wonderful Mediterranean climate, and Cosmopolitan cities are the amenities that Cyprus offers, apart from being one of the most favored tourist destinations. It is an ideal Island offering a low cost but High Standard of Living!

Cyprus is the Independent Sovereign Republic which became a full member of the European Union on May 1, 2004. On January 1, 2008, the Republic of Cyprus joined the Eurozone. One of the fastest growing economies in the EU, no inheritance tax, an advantageous Corporate Tax regime, Comprehensive Double Tax Treaty network and no tax on dividends for non-domiciled Cypriots, make Cyprus the most favorable address for the future of your business.

Firmly established as a reputed international commerce center, Cyprus is the ideal bridge between the East and West. It offers a tax efficient gateway for channeling foreign investments anywhere in the world. The tax system in Cyprus is in full compliance with EU and OECD requirements.

Some of the advantaged of the Cyprus tax system are:

  • Zero withholding taxes on any type of payments made anywhere in the world.
  • An advantage of 12.5% Corporation tax for the permit holders with an additional benefit of 0% tax on dividends.
  • Anyone spending less than 183 days in Cyprus is considered non-tax resident and will not pay tax on their worldwide income.

Blooming Real Estate Market

Acquiring a property in Cyprus has always been a popular choice among foreign investors. The real estate market of Cyprus, over the past few years, has witnessed significant growth and it continues to offer unique options for not just investment but also for a second home.

Permanent Residency status means that your family has the right to live freely in Cyprus or continue to live in your home country and just use the permit whenever you need it. Just like an Insurance Policy for your future!

Enjoy the year-round sunshine, with mild winters and sunny and dry summers. Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being a safe and friendly place and ranks as the 5th safest country in the world. It is an ideal place for enjoying a peaceful family life.

The island offers excellent educational opportunities as well and enables your children to access the best universities worldwide. It also gives you the right to apply for EU Citizenship after 7 years!

And, Cyprus comes with the uniqueness of an infinite validity. Once the permits are obtained, they are forever!

Know What is The Requirement for Australia Business Investors Visa?

Australia business investors visa

The Australian Business Visa Program energizes fruitful entrepreneurs, speculators, and senior administrators to settle in Australia while growing new or existing open doors in Australian business.

Australia Business Investors Visa is accessible to specialists, high total assets people, or funding firms, who have built up business endeavors as well as quick to put resources into Australia. Australia is truly outstanding and stable economies on the planet is exceptionally alluring venture goal. The Australian entrepreneur visa is given to experienced agents to move to Australia and set up their organizations or put resources into organizations in Australia. The Australian government has made the business movement to Australia from over the world extremely promising.

Australia business investors visa

Why Invest in Australia?

  • Hearty monetary improvement and stable political atmosphere generous for working together
  • Blasting businesses of asset improvement (press mineral, gas, and coal extraction), agribusiness, and tourism
  • Australia is a strong money related center of the Asia-Pacific district
  • Created framework and interchanges
  • Smart workforce and happy with working conditions
  • Elevated expectations of life (training, medicinal services, lodging and so on.)
  • Chance of getting the changeless living arrangement
  • Venture visas permit taking a family along to Australia

Types of business investors visa for Australia

Inside the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa Subclass 188 the accompanying streams are accessible.

Australian Business Innovation Visa

Gone for those with business keenness who need to set up, create and deal with an Australian business. Candidates must be designated by a state or domain.

Australian Investor Visa

Gone for those ready to make an assigned venture of in any event $1.5million AUD in an Australian state and keep up business and speculation movement in Australia. Candidates must be named by a state or domain.

Australian Significant Investor Visa

Is for candidates who can put at least $5million AUD into going along interests in Australia. Candidates can be assigned by a State or Austrade in the interest of the Australian government.

Australian Premium Investor Visa

Is for candidates upbeat to put in any event $15million AUD into premium interests in Australia. Gives up Global will contact Austrade for your sake who will then thusly assign reasonable candidates straightforwardly in the interest of the Australian Government.

Australian Entrepreneur Visa

Is gone for the individuals who have a subsidizing line set up from an outsider for in any event $200,000 AUD proposed to prompt the commercialization of an item or administration in Australia. Business person Visa candidates are designated by an Australian state or region.

The basic requirement for business investors visa for Australia

  • Ownership for business with the turnover of at any rate AUD 500,000 for somewhere around 2 of the last 4 monetary years.
  • Net individual and business resources of in any event AUD 800,000.
  • Under 55 years old, except if the selecting state or region confirms that you will make an extraordinary monetary advantage.
  • Meet the pass check in the Business Innovation and Investment Points test as of now 65 focuses. Focuses are granted on

a) Age

b) English language capacity

c) Qualifications

d) Experience in business or venture

e) Net individual and business resources

f) Business turnover

g) Innovation

h) Special support

  • Have an in general effective profession in business.

The Best 8 Ways to Get Entrepreneur Visa Usa And Usa Business Visa

XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION reveals to you an opportunity to time about the open doors Entrepreneur Visa USA for business visionaries from different nations to acquire non-worker visas by putting resources into a current business or by propelling another venture in the United States. These visas are a piece of the U.S. E-2 visa program. Perpetual residency is additionally accessible through the U.S. government’s EB-5 program for financial specialists who, notwithstanding contributing a generous measure of capital, additionally meet a few other vital prerequisites.

What is Entrepreneurship?


Enterprise is the demonstration of making a business or organizations while building and scaling it to produce a benefit.
In any case, as a fundamental enterprise definition, it’s somewhat constraining. The more present-day business definition is likewise about changing the world by tackling enormous issues. Like starting social change, making a creative item or exhibiting another groundbreaking arrangement.
What the business enterprise definition doesn’t let you know is that business enterprise is the thing that individuals do to take their profession and dreams into their hands and lead it toward their very own decision. It’s tied in with building an existence all alone terms. No managers. No confining timetables. Furthermore, nobody keeping you down. Business visionaries can venture out improving the world a place, for everybody in it.

Types of Business & Entrepreneur Visa

The United States offers a plenty of Business Visa USA composes, each with various distinctive limitations and necessities. As your initial phase in maintaining a business in the United States, you’ll have to decide precisely which sort of visa suits you best. While the full rundown of visas can be found on the US Department of State site, there are eight sorts of visas that are especially useful for business visionaries:


This USA Business Visa additionally called the Immigrant Investor Program, gives you a chance to end up a legitimate changeless occupant of the United States in the event that you put $1 million of every a US business. On the other hand, if that business is in a country region, you can get the visa with a $500,000 least venture. While the advantage of this kind of visa is that it doesn’t expect you to have a business or a specific instructive foundation, the drawback, obviously, is that it’s hard to acquire the required assets.


While the cost of interest in the EB-5 visa is excessively steep for most, you can acquire the E-2 financial specialist visa on the off chance that you put at any rate $100,000 in a business you open in the US. This visa isn’t available to everybody, however; to be qualified, your nation of origin should be on the rundown of settlement financial specialists.


In case you’re especially capable yet don’t have much money to contribute, the EB-2 (C) visa could be a decent choice. While this visa is viewed as a work visa, it doesn’t expect you to have a business. Rather, it necessitates that you have either an abnormal state of education– a Master’s qualification or above– or gigantic ability in your field. The catch, however, is that even with this level of ability and instruction, despite everything you have to demonstrate that giving you the visa is in the national enthusiasm of the United States.


This is another visa for the extraordinarily skilled. Dissimilar to the EB-2 (C) worker visa, the O-1 visa is a non-outsider visa. That implies that while it enables you to legitimately live and work in the US on the off chance that you have remarkable gifts or accomplishments, it doesn’t promise you a green card. While you can apply to an O-1 visa in case you’re at the highest point of your field in sciences, human expressions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as a business visionary you’ll most likely need to apply as somebody with demonstrated ability in the field of business. You’ll have to discover a US business to support you on the off chance that you need to apply for this sort of visa.


In case you’re from Australia, this might be the visa for you. The E-3 visa is allowed just to experts from Australia in certain strength occupations. While you have to do additional investigation into your particular calling to decide if it fits the bill for this visa, US Citizenship and Immigration Services noticed that the occupation ought to be one that “requires hypothetical and down to earth utilization of a collection of learning in proficient fields and in any event the fulfillment of a four year certification, or its comparable.”


There are two sorts of L-1 visas: the L-1A and the L-1B. To be qualified for the L-1A visa, you must be an organization official or best supervisor with workplaces in the US and also abroad. You additionally will have needed to work at both the US and abroad office, with something like one entire year of working at the last mentioned. Regardless of whether your organization doesn’t yet have a US area, you can satisfy this prerequisite on the off chance that you open a US office yourself.

The second kind of L1 visa, the L-1B visa, doesn’t expect you to be an official or best director, however, it requires you to have pertinent specific information. Besides, the L-1B visa must be acquired in case you’re exchanging from your organization’s outside office to the US office of a similar organization.


In case you’re a consistent worker as opposed to the best official or an especially skilled business visionary, you can apply for the H-1B visa. Simply know that this visa has a top on the number of beneficiaries, so being qualified for this visa doesn’t ensure that you’ll get it.


While the B-1 visa is a transient business visa, it very well may be utilized further bolstering your good fortune. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t give remains in the nation for over a half year, it very well may be stretched out to add up to up to a year. The B-1 visa most likely won’t be your first decision, as it doesn’t enable you to legitimately work in the nation. In any case, getting this visa can be advantageous in giving you a chance to network and make business associations in the US Making these associations, all things considered, could encourage your endeavors to get long-haul work visas.

Achieve Your Goals with Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi

We at XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION study abroad consultants in Kochi welcome you to a portal of abroad arrangements. This is your initial move towards profession improvement and we guarantee that you don’t get anything yet the best. XIPHIAS is a worldwide association that helps Indians who wish to think about in or moves to USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

study abroad consultants in kochi

Concentrate abroad is the term given to a program, ordinarily go through a college, which enables an understudy to live in a remote nation and go to an outside college. By and large, two colleges have a course of action which enables them to trade understudies (subsequently the term ‘trade understudy’) with the goal that these understudies can find out about an outside culture and expand their viewpoints. The program more often than not concedes credit for courses taken at the remote establishment and some additional mastermind a work-study or entry-level position assertion.

Concentrate abroad projects come in numerous shapes and sizes. The run of the mill program one considers enables an understudy to spend a semester contemplating abroad, yet a few projects keep running for various semesters or up to a year. Some are outfitted exclusively around contemplating and going to an outside college, while others stress temporary positions or volunteer encounters. Projects likewise differ in how the understudy is upheld, with some having a ‘receiving family’ circumstance, whereby the two understudies who are traded inhabit the other’s particular house. Different projects essentially give quarters or condo to the understudy.

There are additionally think about abroad projects for secondary school understudies and school graduates. Secondary school understudies, because of their age, are regularly required to live with a receiving family or in a managed living circumstance. An ongoing pattern among school graduates has been the chance to show abroad, every now and again as a component of a graduate degree program to wind up an educator in their nation of origin. Others take an interest in look into attempts at outside colleges while seeking after graduate instruction.

We at XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION study abroad consultants in Kochi work with the mission to give you the one-stop specialist co-op for all movement and abroad training arrangements. We are a universal association with long stretches of industry skill in helping Indians who wish to consider in or move to Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Being the main consultancy organization with top to bottom learning of movement laws of all the best decision nations, we can furnish you with quality direction and support in the different authority phases of the migration procedure.